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Amazing Careers

Incredible opportunities

Our success starts with our people. Every person at BR holds an important piece of the puzzle, and together we make up a unique, passionate, and talented team. When you join our crew, you know you’re making a difference in people’s lives.

The best benefits

We complement our award-winning company and culture with exceptional benefits. Get traditional perks like medical/dental coverage and 401(k), plus:

  • Unlimited PTO program
  • Generous employer HSA contribution
  • Employee tenure program
  • Bimonthly catered lunches
  • Onsite gym
  • Employee discount store
  • Tuition reimbursement

Join Our Crew

Hear from our Crew

“Opportunities to learn are endless. I have learned so much in my almost four years.”

“I'm so grateful to work for a company that cares for you, and wants you to achieve goals and to be a team player!”

“What makes [me] proud to work for BR is that we have the utmost integrity when developing products.”

“I love being a part of making amazing, efficacious, science-backed products come to fruition!”

“Third party testing is a big part of why I felt Basic Research was a place I wanted to work. Regular, full panel testing, at an independent lab is a big indication to me that Basic Research really cares what is on the label is really in each product.”

“This place has consistently shown that it cares for my well-being and encourages me to be better. It makes me want to perform my part proudly and also makes me excited to grow with the BR Crew!”

“Basic allows my coworkers and I to shine in our own unique lights and it is SUCH a breath of fresh air!”

Join the BR Community and take a peek behind the scenes of what life is like at the BR office with the hashtags #attheBR #wearetheBRCrew
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Core Values


We care deeply about our employees, our customers, and our work.

We give our employees growth opportunities, continued education, and health and wellness resources to help them live their best lives.


We create outstanding products and lifelong relationships.

We build and continually nurture a team-oriented, supportive environment that helps everyone be successful in all that we do.


We commit to provide only the best ingredients, products, and services.

We believe in the “disagree then commit” model, where diverse opinions inspire innovation; then as a team we commit fully to achieve our goals.


We believe good communication between our employees and departments is not only essential – it's one of the core foundations for our continued growth and success.

When it comes to our customers, we know that honest and truthful communication is always key – we strive for honest, thoughtful one-on-one messaging designed to help spread our message and improve individuals’ lives.

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Committed to Our Community

We have amazing customers, and we love extending the sense of community and support we feel from them, to others. We do this by supporting organizations chosen by our employees. You can learn more about these organizations or donate to their cause by clicking on their icon.

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